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Discover the Charm of an Old Cottage in Zakopane

Welcome to the Old Cottage – a charming corner where tradition meets comfort, creating perfect conditions for a group of up to 12 people wishing to experience the true atmosphere of the Podhale region. This historic house offers an authentic Podhale climate, but also modern conveniences.

The house spreads over two cozy floors. On the ground floor, there is a spacious room that serves as a living room – a place for meetings, conversations, and rest after a day full of impressions. Another room, equally spacious, serves as a fully equipped kitchen, where you can prepare meals for the whole group, but also eat together. There are five bedrooms on the first floor.

Guests of the Old Cottage can also enjoy the charming porch and well-kept garden, which invite you to relax in the fresh air. It is here, surrounded by mountain nature, that you can light a barbecue and enjoy moments together with family or friends.

Learn about the history of the Old Cottage

The Old Cottage is a beautiful example of traditional Podhale residential construction. It was built without the use of nails from pitch (spruce) high mountain timber sawn into 18 cm wide beams called amphibians. The amphibians on the knots (corners) were joined to form a lock. This is known as log construction. The gaps between the amphibians were woven with woollen cloth. These are thinly planed shavings woven into braids and firmly beaten. Earlier, however, the amphibians were sealed with moss. This process was called „mossing” and the expert , „mechanical optician”.

Originally, the hut was covered with shingles – boards split along the grain. The Old Cottage has a traditional two-room layout: Black Chamber and White Chamber separated by a hallway.

In the Black Chamber, where daily life took place, was the only stove (there are traces of a chimney opening on the fascia). The eave of this chamber is supported by a beautifully carved beam, called a pine beam. On the sosreb on the side of the window is an engraved rosette with the date of construction 1933. Currently, the Black Chamber houses the kitchen and dining room for guests.

The White Chamber has a living room-sleeping room. The White Chamber had a festive character. Valuables were stored there. In the past, from the vestibule a ladder was used to enter the attic, where halves of pork fat hung from the ceiling, and grain was stored in a box called „ssiek” (sąsiek). At present, the stairs are used to access the first floor with bedrooms. The cottage is electrically heated. Even when there are severe frosts, it is warm and cozy inside.




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Anna Scibior
Anna Scibior
Bardzo fajne miejsce na spędzenie rodzinnego urlopu. Kontakt z właścicielem bardzo dobry, domek w góralskim stylu, salon i kuchnia urocze, dużo miejsca. Kuchnia dobrze wyposażona. Łazienka z ubikacją na każdym piętrze. Blisko centrum, pieszo niecałe 10 minut. Serdecznie polecam.
pawel petrus
pawel petrus
Zajebista miejscówka dom czysty zadbany odpowiednio wyposażony
Adriana B
Adriana B
Fantastyczny domek. Spędziliśmy tam super czas w czasie ferii zimowych. Spokojnie spacerkiem można dojść do Krupówek,blisko do PKP. Polecamy w 100%
Irena Mulienė
Irena Mulienė
Gera vieta, nežiūrint to kad apartamentas mieste, bet rami splinka
Maciej Kaszkowiak
Maciej Kaszkowiak
Polecam. Miejsce znajduje się w dobrej lokalizacji. Bogate wyposażenie (ekspres, grill elektryczny), miejsce na grilla oraz przestronne pokoje rekompensują brak piekarnika i nieco cienkie ściany. Piekarnia znajduje się tuż obok, do pobliskiego Netto jest 3-4 minuty pieszo.
Piotr Podoba
Piotr Podoba
Bardzo fajny domek , Bardzo dobrze wyposażone , typowo góralski , w bardzo dobrej lokalizacji , blisko do atrakcji i uroków Zakopanego , bardzo Polecamy
Paweł Sowiński
Paweł Sowiński
Domek jest idealny pod każdym względem, stary, klimatyczny, polecam w 100% każdemu ❤️
Marek Mareks
Marek Mareks
Wspaniałe miejsce do wypoczynku. Polecam każdemu!!!

willa Ballada

If you are traveling to Zakopane with a smaller group, or prefer an apartment for private use, the Ballada is the best option for you.
The villa is located next to the Old Cottage and has 7 fully equipped apartments.



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Chramcówki 12b, 34-500 Zakopane

Stara Chata – Wynajmem pokoi gościnnych Paweł Gajowski (house for rent)
account numer: PL 50 1140 2004 0000 3702 5076 8467

Ballada – Anna Domurat (apartment)
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Ms. Monika – is responsible for the successful stay of guests in our facilities 😉

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